As the year wraps up, we’re looking down the pike at what’s going to allow our clients to stand out in 2017. Since branded apparel is all about the corporate take on the latest fashion trends, we’re keeping an eye out to determine styles and trends for the next year, so that you can be sure the items you dress your staff in and pass out to prospects, partners and customers are ones they’ll really use.

In 2016, we were loving Made in the USA apparel, focusing on athleisure and finding swag that stood out in unique packaging. In 2017, we’re seeing some new trends make their way into the athleisure trend (which is still going strong), as well as some updates to pattern, color, fit and even functionality. Here are some ways to freshen up your branded apparel look for the coming year.

scuba neck branded apparel

Update Your Fit:

If you’ve been sticking with basic cuts, this is a great year to switch up the fit on some of your favorite apparel items. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, branded apparel will be following fashion trends for the next year. Adding sporty scuba necks to athleisure looks is a great way to provide an on-trend look along with warmth and style. On more formal apparel, pleating is the latest way to provide structure and style to what can otherwise be boxy corporate looks. And finally, buyers are chasing comfort over a slim fit. Oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts and more are on fire in retail and branded apparel won’t be far behind. Along with that, short-sleeved sweatshirts are expected to be a big seller next year.

Change Up Your Fabric:

Branded apparel buyers can expect to see slub, or a cotton with slight lumps and imperfections, as the hottest new fabric for 2017, according to ASI. “Slub chic” has been increasingly popular in retail fashion and helps to enhance an organic, earthy image. On the other end of the spectrum, heathered fabrics are already one of the biggest sellers in casual wear and we expect the trend to continue in 2017. Heathered fabric means interwoven yarns of different colors, providing visual interest for an otherwise simple piece of apparel. According to ASI, the big fabric for those looking to project a youthful image in 2017 will be wovens in denim and flannel, which provide a sleek, tailored look for branded apparel.

olive and pink branded apparel

Freshen Up Your Color Choices:

According to ASI, pink and olive green are in for 2017. Pink in a variety of shades has had a strong showing on the runway recently and October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month provides another opportunity to work with the color. ASI is also predicting that olive green will be big for activewear – a changeup from traditional choices like blue, black, gray or red. How you use color is just as important as what color you choose, so check out branded apparel that provides color blocking options as well as touches of camo as an accent for both women’s and men’s pieces.

Get Innovative with Your Fabrics:

With 2016 being a year of fear as far as insect-borne diseases, one of the hottest trends going into 2017 is insect-repelling apparel. This trend focuses more on what the apparel does than how it looks. While moisture-wicking and anti-microbial fabrics have been front and center for some time, revolutionary clothing that repels mosquitoes, tics, ants, flies and fleas feeds into our need to feel protected while outdoors.

Learn more about these trends and more when you chat with our branded apparel experts. We’ve got the overview on what’s out for 2017 to fit with your needs, target audience and budget. Get in touch today for a free consult on 2017 branded apparel options.

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