Studies have shown time and again that direct mail is in fact an important but oft-neglected avenue for marketers. It’s less crowded than digital and often provides you with a better selling opportunity and the chance to give the consumer a 3D experience with a mail piece in his or her hand. Still, direct mail can be an expensive endeavor, and that’s why we’re devoted to ensuring that it’s done right, from the concept to the design to the mailing. One area that recent studies have shown can give a significant boost to response rates on direct mail is color. This is great news for marketers looking to maximize their investment. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for variable data printing or 3D mail pieces, adding color to your piece represents a relatively low investment.

Color, when used properly, can help your direct mail piece stand out among a crowded mailbox while also providing the opportunity for you to draw attention to or highlight specific messaging or imagery. The first thing you’ll want to do is understand the colors you’re using, so check out this article on the psychology of colors to get a sense of how utilizing different colors will provide a visual message before the recipient has even read a word of your mailer or postcard.

If you’ve decided to add color to your mail piece, what are some unique ways you can do it while still keeping your mailer sleek, readable and on-brand?

First, consider adding color to your envelope. This is so often overlooked; marketers send out mail pieces in envelopes with a simple logo or return address. How about adding imagery, a call-to-action or bold color to the envelope so it stands out from the expected black-and-white pile that the recipient is holding in his or her hand?

In fact, product imagery is the perfect place to add color. Showcasing your product in full color is an excellent way to give the customer a realistic feel for it, whether that’s placing an image on a postcard or within a direct mail letter.

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are important places to focus for color. Consider adding bold color or highlighting the CTA in a box to separate it from the rest of the text and give the recipient guidance on what you need them to do next. Even on a mail piece that is otherwise black and white, a red CTA can be highly impactful. Similarly, if you’re using variable data printing, where you customize the recipient’s name or other personal information on the mailer, this can be a great place to add color and personalize even further.

Of course, as with any technique, we’ve got a few words of caution for you when considering color in your direct mail piece. First of all, don’t overdo it. Color is a highlighter, but if you start going crazy implementing different colors across your piece, it will have the opposite effect you want. Recipients won’t know where to look or how to feel. On that same note, make sure everything is legible. There’s a reason black type is so popular. Ensure that the colors you’re using are legible and readable at a quick glance.

Finally, consult with your printer on the colors you’re choosing and the printing process. Certain colors can be tricky, including brown, pink and orange. If you’re using those colors, you’ll want to ensure that they are printing as you’d envisioned.

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