Now that we’re in the thick of 2015, now is the time when many companies examine their current systems to improve the bottom line. At The Ambit Works, we’ve seen an increased emphasis on e-procurement and have seen these systems time and time again helping to benefit the entire organization. For us on the blog today, it’s the perfect time to talk about e-procurement and how a marketing collateral management system can bolster your bottom line to make an impact this year.

We know you need to deliver marketing materials to your entire organization, which can be a very manual, time-consuming process where things tend to fall through the cracks. Streamlining the process through a marketing collateral management system is the best way to manage and organize the delivery of materials to ensure that people get what they need in a timely manner. From managing stationary items, collateral, direct mail, email templates, signage, and imagery, The Ambit Works helps build platforms for businesses to support employee needs in the most efficient way possible. And, the benefits don’t end there. Today’s marketing collateral management systems are surprisingly comprehensive and you might be surprised to learn about all of their abilities. Here are some additional ways that creating an internal e-procurement system for your company will help to benefit your entire organization:

Elevated Brand Control

With marketing materials, freedom can be a dangerous thing! When you put a marketing collateral management system into place, you keep the control in your hands so that your brand identity remains intact. Not only are your marketing materials housed in a centralized online platform location, but you can set controls for employees, including who accesses what materials, editing powers, approvals, budget resources and more. Our technology takes it a step further. Your team needs customization? You can authorize users to create personalized marketing materials based on specific data – whether just a one-off email to a prospect, or a mass direct mail campaign. Today’s e-procurement systems are truly worthwhile because of the comprehensive features allowing you to deliver the materials that your employees need, but keeping the control in your hands.

Visibility into Spend

Let’s get into finances. Understanding where your money is being spent is key to managing your budget. An e-procurement system helps to provide insight into how much money is being spent on specific items and what departments are responsible for the costs. The centralized tracking system allows for full reporting on items purchased, orders processed and payments made. Your finance department will be thrilled and management will thank you.

Cost Reduction

Not only does visibility into spend translate into cost reduction, but the additional effects of implementing a marketing collateral management system will take it a step further. The automated workflow will save you time and money so your team can focus on what really matters to them. In addition, the e-procurement technology ensures that there is no waste or additional surplus printing by creating the accurate amount of materials for your business. You can also control the available quantities per group if you want to regulate budget in certain areas.

Boost Productivity

Ok, we’ve covered finance, sales, marketing, management…so what’s really left? In general, implementing a marketing collateral management system will boost productivity at your company and allow people to focus what they need to do for their job to further the company goals. Not only is less time spent on the back end of collateral management like production, approval, and accounting, but employees can access, personalize and deploy marketing materials to boost the bottom line.

When you choose Ambit as a partner for your marketing collateral management system, we build a custom site for your company to host your resources using a cloud-based technology that simplifies the process and manages all of your marketing tools. We can also integrate the technology into your existing systems to streamline your existing processes. Want to learn a little bit more about how to get a system setup for your company?

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