Last month, we announced an exciting new initiative at Ambit. For many years, our printing company has had a design arm that has assisted clients with various print design and creative, but we’ve taken this to the next level with a full-service branding and creative agency.

This has resulted in a rebrand. Ambit Creative Group, our branding and creative agency, is building full-service strategy, creative and design from websites to print campaigns to full rebrands. The Ambit Works, our manufacturing and printing company, is taking those designs and producing dazzling print products to complete the end-to-end solutions for marketing and communication initiatives.

Recently, the two agencies had a chance to work together on a project for the City of Cambridge: a redesign of their city map that provides transportation information on getting around town to help people on bikes, foot, cars and public transport get along together in the bustling metro area.

In working with both Ambit Creative Group and The Ambit Works, the City’s Community Development Department discovered a variety of advantages. Specifically, The Ambit Works was able to work with Ambit Creative Group to ensure that the logistics of their illustrated design would translate perfectly into the printed product. They were even able to consult on material, coming up with a recyclable solution that would also prove durable for citizens to keep on them for reference.

Working with a company that provides full-service creative and printing under the same roof has a variety of advantages. Consider the following:

  • Printing Logistics: Printing is a complex industry in the sense that there are a variety of restrictions for how projects are laid out, on what material they can be printed and how to do so most economically, among others. With creative and print under the same roof, Ambit is able to ensure that clients don’t need to think about all of these issues. Ambit Creative Group consults with The Ambit Works to come up with a design and print strategy that is fully integrated and problem-free.
  • High-Level Creative Work: While many printing companies offer basic design services, it’s rare to find a full creative agency working with the printing company. Ambit Creative Group is run by a creative director with agency experience who brings the same level of strategy and design you’d find at the best agencies in Boston. This isn’t basic design—it’s a full creative strategy, end-to-end.
  • Integrated Digital Strategy: While many printing companies are focused on the print end of any project, Ambit Creative Group and The Ambit Works are able to create digital strategy as well. Ambit Creative Group can create digital campaigns or cross-media campaigns alongside its print campaigns, and The Ambit Works can implement a trackable marketing solution that manages both types of campaigns for a full-service solution.
  • Economics: Whether it’s time or money, employing an integrated creative agency and print company for a marketing or communication project means savings. Much of the back and forth on logistics and what’s possible in the final product is done internally, saving you from serving as a go-between. High levels of communication between the two agencies and the creative side’s knowledge of what manufacturing is capable of also means no issues when the material goes to print—which saves both time and money.

The city of Cambridge learned about the advantages of using both Ambit Creative Group and The Ambit Works for their redesigned maps, which hit the streets recently. Learn more about how they were able to leverage the expertise of Ambit to create their best version ever of the Cambridge map.
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