We’ve talked about the benefits of incorporating a marketing collateral management system into your organization in a recent blog post. Today we’re looking at it from a different angle focusing on promotional items. Many companies – particularly with multiple offices in different locations – will benefit from a centralized place for all of their employees to order promotional items. In fact, it’s a pretty quick and painless process and here are some reasons to create one for your company today:

  1. Cool Giveaways: Instead of leaving it up to individual offices or departments as FullSizeRender_1to what they should give away, by working with a real promotional products company the organization as a whole can benefit from finding a suite of really cool, useful, fun giveaways that work together to represent the essence of your brand.
  1. Brand Integrity Stays Intact: When different offices order one-off promo items from different vendors, colors can be off, logos might not be correct, product quality standards may vary, etc. When you use one vendor, you can ensure brand consistency and accountability.
  1. Marketing Stays in Control: By taking away the ankle biting tasks from Marketing, the ordering system puts more control in their hands. Removed from the tediousness of fulfilling immediate needs, Marketing can spend their time on overseeing promo items from a high level and providing approvals.
  1. Cost Savings: Less one-off orders means your company saves money on the bottom line!
  1. Time Management: When you use an online ordering system, you can schedule the items to be sent directly to constituents, so you cut out the middle man and the marketing team doesn’t get bogged down with logistics!

Want to see how The Ambit Works worked with one growing business to create an online ordering system? Click here to download the case study.

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