Direct mail campaigns remain more relevant today than ever. As noise and competition in digital marketing streams increases, direct mail becomes a great option for cutting through the clutter and capturing your target audience’s attention. But how do you make it work for you? Today, we’re sharing our top 5 hacks for your next direct mail campaign – simple steps you can take to help your chances of success. But first, let’s take a peek at the numbers.

  • Marketing B2B? A DMA study shows that 69% of people prefer direct mail as a channel of business communication.
  • Response rates got you down? On average, digital response rates get a 0.12% response rate. Direct mail? You can expect around 4.4%, according to a DMA study.
  • If you’re looking to make an impression, direct mail boasts great recall. In the Sullman Luxury, Affluence and Wealth Pulse study, 44% of those surveyed named direct mail as the way they’d learned about brands in the past 30 days. Makes sense – a DMA study shows that 48% of consumers keep direct mail promotional materials for future reference.
  • And direct mail’s success translates to digital. A DMA study shows that consumers visit a brand’s website 10% more often as a response to direct mail than email.

Got the direct mail bug yet? As you consider your next campaign, here are five simple ways to help ensure that your direct mailing is successful.

1. Use a Clean List

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the most beautiful, compelling mailer in the world – heck, a mailer where you offer to send everything to the recipient for free – will fall flat if you’re sending to the wrong person or, worse, a person who doesn’t exist at all. Mailing lists can be tricky business, rife with inaccurate addresses and outdated demographic information. If you have a purchased list, invest in a data review to ensure that the list is as clean as possible.

Another fantastically economical way to get your mailer out is by the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program, which allows you to target specific mail routes that fit into your demographic and deliver your mailer to every door on the route – no more returned mail pieces!

At The Ambit Works, our direct mail team works with these programs every day and we’re always happy to consult on the best way to use a current list or create a new one with accurate data.

2. Keep a Swipe File

Not ready to run a direct mail campaign? Always be preparing! Grab a folder and keep a swipe file of some of the best and worst mailers that come through your door at work or home. Use sticky notes to remind yourself of what you liked. When you’re ready to work on your own mailer, you’ll be armed with a variety of pieces and ideas to bring to your designer, giving the process a jumpstart.

3. Mail Multiple Times

Multiple studies have shown that consumers need to be exposed to a marketing message many times before they remember it. Direct mail is no different. Sending out a single piece will hardly have the impact you want it to. It’s best to focus on a smaller individual mailing and mail it many times, increasing the conversion rate on the project.

4. Personalize Your Mailer

With the advent of digital printing, it’s seamless to personalize your direct mailer. Whether it’s adding the recipient’s name or simply the name of their neighborhood or city into the mailer, personalization helps the mailer stand out in a sea of generic information.

5. Track Your Results

There’s no better way to map your success on future campaigns than tracking the data from everything  you do. Make sure that a way to track conversions is integrated into your direct mailer so that it’s easy for you to get a sense of what happened. Unlike email, you don’t have access to open rates or click-throughs, so you’ll have to get creative. Here are some great ways to track a direct mailer:

  • Personalized URLs (PURLS): Digital printing allows you to add a unique URL to every mailer that you send out. PURLs display personalized offer information to the user when they visit them and provide you with specific data about your leads.
  • Landing Pages: If you don’t want to get personal with every recipient, create an offer that can be access via a landing page with a simple URL (ex., Use this landing page for this particular mailing so you know traffic to it comes directly from the direct mail campaign. This also provides an opportunity to remarket to the customer online using Google Ads. Google is able to track the website visitor and remarket to them with a similar message across their browsing experience, giving you the opportunity to continue getting your marketing message out there digitally.
  • Coupon codes or coupons: If you’re selling a digital product, a coupon code is a perfect way to track conversions; for retail, a simple coupon that the customer can bring in does the same.

BONUS! Handwrite Your Envelopes for a 99% Open Rate!

Studies have shown that a hand-addressed letter with a real stamp gets a 99% open rate, as compared to around 56% with traditional direct mail. Want to learn more? Check out our blog post about handwritten envelopes here.

Ready to get started? The direct mail experts at The Ambit Works are here to help. From generating your list to coming up with your concept, designing, printing and even the logistics of mailing, The Ambit Works provides a personalized end-to-end direct mail solution. Contact us to discuss ideas for your next campaign.


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