As you know, we love doing really cool, unique things with printing! At The Ambit Works, we like to think we’re ahead of the curve and up-to-date on the latest trends. We can say with pretty high certainty that we’re the experts in this category! So, today on the blog, we wanted to share one of the latest printing trends that we love – multi-layering printing. For those who haven’t heard of this trend, it’s exactly as it sounds – printing different colors on different layers, which are fused together in one piece for a really high-end, luxurious feel.  Not only does this process give pieces a rigidity that sometimes solves the issue of wanting something to look nicer than “just paper”, but also helps to infuse different colors into the final product that might be too small for the other typical branding elements.  That little strip of color in layering lets that hue come through in an appropriate way.

Business Cards

bus card picTo make your business card really stand out and give it a lavish feel, multi-layering printing is the perfect solution. We touched on this in a blog post a few months back on business card trends, and wanted to include it in this post as well. Whether you layer two or three colors together to create a unique feel, or even layer the same color together to create thickness, multi-layering printing is the perfect solution to make your business card unique. The possibilities are endless depending on how you want the business card to look and feel – it creates a new dimension through this new printing technique.

Menus and Wine Lists

Restaurants can step up their game a notch and make their customers feel like they are getting the Wine List_multi print_blogbest of the best by printing their menus, wine list and dessert menus with a multi-layering printing technique. This creates some weight to the document as well as a very rich texture, adding to the diner’s experience.  Adding in dimension through multi-layering printing to a restaurant’s collateral is a perfect fit all around.

Event Invitations

InviteEvent invitations – particularly non-profit or industry galas or formal corporate events  – are the first piece of material that a potential guest typically receives in relation to the upcoming event, and as such we consider it the most important. If a guest receives a high-end, classy invitation, they know that the event itself will be formal as well. It encourages them to attend, sets the tone and feel of the event, even can influence the dress code! Therefore, mutli-layering printing is a perfect technique for an upcoming formal event. We love the idea of using this technique for a unique, high-end event invitation!

Corporate Mission Statements

Many companies want to print and showcase their corporate mission statements with displays in their lobby or little cards throughout the office. When printed in a multi-layered fashion, this really gives the piece the weight it deserves and respect for the company values.

Takeaway cards

Typically displayed at reception counters, takeaway cards contain the company’s basic contact info as well as some content about their corporate mission. For companies that want to portray a really nice, high-end feel, then multi-layering printing is the perfect finishing touch for that extra flourish. This will give the prospects an initial first impression about what type of company it is and help keep the company top-of-mind.

Overall, we love multi-layering printing for any piece that you want to give a high-end, luxurious feel. Whether it’s business-related, event-focused or otherwise, now you have another unique printing technique to consider as you think about your upcoming projects. For even more ideas on how to make your next print project stand out, talk to one of our team members! We’ll be happy to brainstorm ideas with you. Contact us today.

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