For the life sciences community, January is the perfect time to reflect back on the achievements from 2014 and decide what information you want to highlight at your next Scientific Conference. Putting together your Scientific Poster can be time-consuming and it’s important to start early so you’re not rushing at the last second to throw everything together. At The Ambit Works, we’ve helped hundreds of clients prepare, design and create their Scientific Posters for upcoming events and wanted to share some tips to consider when creating your next poster.

1.       Be Smart With Color

Navy blue is great for posters. It’s dark, easy to read and generally pleasant. But, is it in line with your corporate identity? Along with that, does it help you stand out from the crowd and really make an impact? When choosing your Poster colors, be mindful of your brand’s primary and secondary color pallets. Perhaps your organization has a special pallet of colors just for conference posters, or it may be up to you to choose colors. In that case, be thoughtful in terms of deciding what color(s) will help your poster make the statement that you want it to say. Use colors to highlight the information and play around with how you use them in the background, in text, in imagery, etc. Try out some different color pallet variations but be careful not to go to far, less is more in most cases. Get another opinion, show them around the office or punch-out to Ambit’s Creative Team for a review.

2.       Make the Most Of Your Layout

The key in successful poster creation is simply laying out the information. Sure, it can be easy to use simple slides in programs like PowerPoint. But there are some capabilities that professional design programs, like InDesign, have that really take your poster to the next level of professionalism. Design and layout are essential so that the reader can easily digest the information and understand the main points that you’re trying to get across. If your internal team is too busy with other projects or aren’t familiar with this type of design, consider getting the layout and design outsourced to a professional in a confidential manner, like us here at The Ambit Works!

3.       Know Your Restrictions

Before you get too wrapped up in the poster itself, make sure that you have all of the information from the conference up front. Double check any poster size requirements, think about how you’re going to get the poster to the conference and consider all of your material choices. Too many times, we’ve seen companies getting far into the process and then needing to start from scratch because they have the wrong poster size or didn’t think about shipping requirements.

4.       Think About Supplemental Takeaways

When prepping for the Scientific Posters, it’s easy to get focused on the stand-alone display, but don’t forget to consider additional supplemental takeaways for the audience. Many times, our clients have added on a smaller handout version and/or a digital resource as a takeaway for reader so that they can bring the information back with them to digest further. This can also be helpful for them to pass along to other interested colleagues. Download our Clinical Printing Guide for more ideas.

5.       Take a Step Back

Ok, so you’re all done with the poster. Congrats! But, take another step back and look at the poster from your audience’s perspective. Literally, take 10 steps backwards. Look at your poster from about 10 feet away and see if you still think it will capture the attention of a passing colleague. Think about where it will be located, what the audience will be doing, and look at how the poster stands on its own. And, get a few other perspectives! If you only have so many people in your office, consider sharing your poster online and getting feedback from experts on sites like F1000.

We hope you picked up a few good tips from us! Ambit Creative Group has substantial experience working with the life sciences community from product launch support, Scientific Posters, design and printing and more. Learn more about our marketing support offerings for the life sciences community by contacting us today.

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