When you exhibit at an event, you want to make a lasting impression on your prospects. From on-site marketing pieces to takeaways that attendees will look back on after the event, you want to make sure that your event marketing materials reflect your brand, clearly communicate the message you want to get across and encourage action. At Ambit, we help clients revamp their event marketing materials and know what it takes to create the best. Today on our blog, we have 5 tips to help you as you design your next event marketing materials.

Customize Your Message

It’s tempting to create and use one brochure for all of your in-person meetings and events. But, consider the audience that you’re in front of. Depending on if you’re heading to an industry tradeshow or a public event, think about what message will resonate with each individual audience. When you’re designing your event marketing materials, consider a few segments of your target audience and consider designing specific brochures or handouts for each. And, keep in mind that digital printing and digitally-enabled offset printing allow for high quality custom printing like this to be done very quickly.

Keep it Simple

When you’re at an event, it can be completely overwhelming for attendees walking around between the many booths. When they visit your booth, you don’t want to be throwing out a bunch of different messages their way. When you’re designing your event marketing materials, think of the one (or maybe two) message that you want attendees to take away from your booth and splash that message throughout your entire event marketing materials – from booth, banner and brochures.

Wear Your Brand

When you’re exhibiting at a tradeshow, the representative should clearly stand out as a staff member and the best way to do that is to reflect the brand. Use this opportunity to design a special shirt or apparel to reflect your brand. Also consider customizing the shirt for the tradeshow. The more unique and eye-catching, the better!

Design for Different Learners

Not everyone likes to bring home a large brochure and many different people prefer specific takeaways when they leave an event. While you are designing your event marketing materials, don’t forget to design for the specific learner. Create a brochure, a one-pager, and an electronic takeaway, etc. to make sure that you have your bases covered for all of your prospects.

Define a Call to Action

The most important thing when designing event marketing materials is to set yourself up for the sale or your end goal. Make sure to clearly define what you’d like your prospect to do – whether that’s directing them to a website, including your contact information for a phone call or otherwise. Use this opportunity to outline the specific next steps so that your prospect is ready for the next step in the sales process. This will lay the path for your success.

If you’re thinking about revamping your event marketing materials, Ambit can help. To learn how we can work together, contact us or email peter@ambitcreativegroup.com.

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