Sure, we started out as a print company eons ago, but we’ve evolved since then and have done quite a bit of work helping our clients refresh their email campaigns.We have designed countless email campaigns, created digital infographics highlighted in emails, as well as lots of image selection for campaigns. We love integrating multi-channel campaigns for just the right touch points between digital and print communications. To that end, email marketing can be incredibly effective in helping reach and engage with your target audience. But, the bottom line is making sure that your email marketing campaigns are effective. So, today on the blog we’re looking at a few tips to help you craft your best email campaign yet!

Subject Line

Let’s start here, because a great subject line increases your open rates and gets more eyes on your email. Sure, there are plenty of gimmicks to get people to open the email, but you want to get interested, qualified leads. Make sure the subject line directly correlates to what is in the email. People don’t like to feel tricked into opening an email and then what they are expecting is not there. Speak to the ideal target that you want to open and read the email and make it interesting for them. How are you going to help them solve a problem? How does this relate to their lives so that they are interested in the content?


Once they open the email, you want to catch their attention visually. Don’t go crazy with several images and logos in an email, but a simple professional image is a great way to help the reader along their way to continue reading the email. Make sure it’s high quality enough to look professional, but not too high where it takes forever to download on their phone or computer. Key points here are keep it simple, visually-pleasing and eye-catching.


There are lots of ways to personalize emails. You can use “Hi Firstname..” instead of “Hi there”. You can segment your list to speak to specific customers whether geographically or topically. Don’t be super creepy and repeat their name over and over or make it seem like you are stalking them, but instead make it feel like you understand them. You know what they need and your product or service is going to deliver on that.


Taking it a step further then just personalizing the email, make sure you infuse your own brand personality into the email content and messaging. No one likes a stale old email. Maybe it’s by using a fun sign off, or perhaps the email is coming from an actual person rather then the business, but your customers want to feel like there is an actual human coming from behind the computer screen. Infusing some personality into the email builds more loyalty and trust for your brand.

Call to Action

Ok, now to the end and what some will argue is the MOST important part of any email. What do you want your customer to do? Whatever that is, make sure they know. The key here is to be perfectly clear about what action you want them to take. And, remind them why it’s in their best interest to do so -what’s in it for them? As long as you are very  clear about your call-to-action, you’ll get the qualified customers doing what you ask.

So, keep plugging away! Remember that open rates are prone to declining, so always look for ways to reinvent your emails to keep them fresh so that you can engage your audience and to continue to build your list. But if you stick to the core messaging of talking to your target audience and providing them value, the results will speak for themselves. If you want to talk more about email marketing or your next campaign, contact us today!


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