Sales and Marketing. Marketing and Sales. The marriage is ever-present, but not without some bumps in the road. At Ambit, we’ve worked with enough marketing departments to know that marketing can sometimes take the blame for sales (and vice-versa if we’re being fair about it!). It’s easy to point the finger at one department or another for a variety of issues, but the real area to focus on is how to integrate the departments to further the company goals and create success for the company as a whole.

Today on our blog, we have some tips to help marketing and sales departments work hand in hand together and create alignment as one unit working towards the same end goal. We have some ideas and resources to help marketing showcase their strengths and even build up the reputation of your department in the organization.

Here are a few tips to create alignment between sales and marketing:

Work Together Towards One Goal

You know where you want to end up, but the paths by which marketing and sales go to get there are sometimes divergent. The key here is for both departments to manage data and information through a CRM system. CRM systems are critical in all areas of the business – there are countless reasons why you need to use one. For marketing and sales, knowing the history, tracking tasks and organizing the information is key to keep these two groups aligned.

Understand the Customer

For marketing and sales to work together in complete alignment, it’s critical to collect information on who your customers actually are and to define your target customer. Knowing this from a marketing perspective will build a bridge to the sales organization and get their confidence that you are working in complete alignment. (Tip: The CRM system will help here as well!)

Define the Lead Generation and Management Process

Know who is responsible for what. It’s pretty simple here – in order to keep sales and marketing running as a smooth machine, each part needs know the role that they play. Marketing needs to define the lead generation process and both parties need to know the system for handing leads over to sales.

Ensure Brand Consistency and Easy Access to Marketing Resources

Share your amazing marketing materials with sales while remaining in control of the brand integrity. Consider building a centralized marketing hub of resources where sales can download and order the marketing materials that they need, while you retain control over the brand. At Ambit, we work with many technologies, like innovative partner Marcom Central, to help clients build portals like these. These simple systems go a long way in supporting sales teams with the collateral and resources they need access to – and frees up your time so you can spend it on other areas!

Wrap It Up: Analytics and Reporting

For marketing and sales to truly reach blissful matrimony, there needs to be a window into campaign results and agreement on what success looks like, so the two groups can truly feel as though you’re working in unison towards the same goal.  This can only be done by being diligent and completing the analysis and reporting steps on marketing campaigns. Bonus: this will also showcase your value in the company and once again highlight your amazing work!

There you have it! You’re already on your way to working hand in hand with sales and helping your company reach their goals. And, Ambit is always there to lend a hand along the way!

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