With the end of the March nearing, we are getting deep into the Spring Convention and Tradeshow season! There is still plenty of time to make tweaks to your exhibit space and fine-tune the overall attendee experience to create a more successful event overall! Event marketing is a great way to connect with prospects and customers and create that meaningful face to face connection. And, we’ve got the latest to help you make the most of your time and investment to get the results you want – attendees walking away from your exhibit space WOWed by your brand and their experience with it!

Here’s 5 of the hottest tradeshow trends to watch out for this year:

Untraditional Spaces

No one wants to look like everyone else! This year, keep an eye out for spaces that are super unique – we’re talking about two-story exhibits, or ones that don’t even feel like an exhibit booth at all! Maybe just lots of comfy couches that feel like a living room. Whatever you can do to differentiate your space, do it.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a tad bit different from Virtual Reality. In the tradeshow space, Augmented Reality is the way to go this year! AR allows companies to share knowledge and information in a more demonstrative way that engages with attendees and keeps them interacting with your brand so they really retain the knowledge you are sharing with them.

Push Notifications

Today, more than ever, tradeshows are offering up their own mobile apps. This allows exhibitors to communicate with attendees in real time, by allowing things like push notifications so that you can send an invite to attendees to visit your booth. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and take advantage as much as you can!

Sustainable Practices

As the world continues to engage in more eco-friendly practices, that carries over to the exhibit floor. From sustainable materials used in booths, reduced shipping materials or green giveaways to attendees, this will be a trend to watch and jump on in 2017!

Personal Interaction

The biggest trend of all – and one that really shines every year – is taking time to interact on a personal level with each attendee. By showcasing knowledgeable, experienced exhibit space staff, you will create a welcome space and make attendees feel comfortable to engage on a personal level to learn about your brand!

We love to brainstorm ways to maximize your impact at tradeshows! Contact us today to chat more about your event marketing plans.

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