Finishing touches on a printed piece can entirely transform your final product. “Finishing” refers to everything that happens after we actually put ink on the paper. So, that could really be anything from folding, stapling, collating and more. But, let’s get creative here. At The Ambit Works, our finishing department performs many various services which enhance the function and appearance of the final product of our client’s oriented pieces. We especially like to do really cool things that make the pieces stand out. Here are a few of our favorite finishing techniques that will make a huge impact on your final printed piece:

DieCut: This technique uses a thin sharp blade to cut shapes, words, patterns or whatever you dream up into your printed piece. Want to make your product interesting and add a dimension to it? DieCutting is an easy way to do that. You can go big or small, see through to the paper and design underneath and really design around a diecut. Diecutting can make a huge impact, because it allows you to really be creative and think outside the box (or diecut around the box).

Foil Stamp: Like something a little shiny? Foil stamping is a specialized process that uses heat and pressure to apply a gold, silver or metallic foil design to a printed piece. This adds a little bit of elegance and class to kick it up a notch – you see this a lot on wedding and gala invitations, but it’s another great finishing technique to consider for any printed piece that you want to make a little extra special!

Embossing / Debossing: Do you like to run your fingers along a paper and feel the image or design? Embossing and debossing do just that. This is the process of pressing an image into paper to create a three dimensional design. Embossing is a raised surface and you got it…debossing in a results in a raised surface; debossing results in a lowered surface. This can really make an impact because it gives texture and design to the final product.

Coating: Matte or Glossy? These are the basic coating questions you get when you design a printed piece. But, Oh, there are so many more amazing options to consider. Satin, Opaque, UV, Aqueus…the list goes on. We love giving your printed piece a different type of coating (or go crazy and use several at once) to really allow your audience to use their sense of touch and experience the printed piece.

Scoring: Similar to folding, scoring puts a crease in the paper so it improves the appearance of the fold. Or, you can play around with scoring to create texture and interest to you final printed piece. Perforation is also a form of scoring if you were making a piece where part of it tears off. This adds dimension and interest to a printed piece to really make it unique.

So now you can see why we get so excited about different printing techniques! There are so many options to consider when you create your printed piece to allow your customers to really experience the pleasure of touch and feel. That’s something you can’t get on any computer!

If you’re looking for a creative way to finish your next piece, our team of professionals is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your next project.



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