If you’re getting ready for conventions season this year, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your company stand out in your exhibit space! At The Ambit Works, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies to setup their display systems, signage, banners, etc. We can help you create an engaging environment that will bring in leads and garner interaction with your target customers. As such, we keep our finger on the latest pulse in what’s happening in the convention world. So today, we’re taking it a step further and looking at trends that you should be thinking about as you head into convention season.

Virtual Reality

2016 is kicking up digital engagement a notch to Virtual Reality. Many companies are starting to really focus on how they can engage their customers and one way that they are doing this on the exhibit floor is through virtual reality programs and allowing tradeshow attendees to experience their service or product firsthand.

Facial Recognition

Using facial recognition technology is just starting to take hold and determine how to best use it, like Mastercard’s online purchases. However, companies are starting to take this to the exhibit floor to serve up personalized content. So, if someone stops reading a display, the next topic will be displayed. And, if they come back, the technology will recognize their face and bring up where they left off!

Green Exhibits

Sustainability has been a growing trend the past few years and 2016 will be no different – particularly in the exhibit world. More and more companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and incorporating that into their exhibiting plan is essential. Depending on your goals and budget, there are plenty of options to make an impact of any size to help the environment while showcasing your company as being eco-friendly.

Location-Based Technology

If you haven’t yet learned about how iBeacon technology can take your exhibit space to the next level, you will start to see this technology on the convention floors this year. This technology enables smartphones, tablets and other devices to perform actions when they are closeby an iBeacon. So, they will basically deliver hyper-personalized content to users based on where they are located. Pretty cool right!


As you can see, there is more and more new, amazing technology available to exhibitors to help engage their customers. However, one trend to really make your company unique is to utilize non-technology techniques. Your company will certainly stand out from the crowd by going back to some of the basics and combining old-school techniques with current technology.

For more ideas and inspiration for your tradeshow space, check out this round-up of the top exhibits from the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, the largest tradeshow in the US. And, to discuss those ideas further and translate them into reality, contact us today for a free consultation on your trade show needs!

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