Travel season is back. October is a prime month for tradeshows and your company will be on display yet again. Of course you’ve done everything in your power to prepare for the season. You already have your big flashy booth, sales materials and giveaways ready to go from the Spring season. But, don’t go into the fall tradeshow season ho-hum doing the same thing as last season. This is your opportunity to stand out and make an impact on your bottom line. Even just little adjustments – whether in your team’s mindset, or in your physical booth can make a big impact to generate attendee interest in checking out your booth. Today on the blog, we’re sharing some ideas to make your company stand out from the crowd and draw in visitors at your upcoming convention:

Make it Fun

Smiling and laughing are always the sign of a good time. Use your booth as a way to bring joy to others and your booth will be sure to draw a crowd. Even if your focus is on a more serious topic matter or education, you can utilize fun ways to drive your point home to attendees. If you meet a qualified lead in a fun setting, they will remember you when you go to drive the sale home post-event. Whether you add a unique game, give away fun prizes (think what you used to love at carnivals as a kid), play some different music or do whatever brings a smile to your face personally, a little fun can go a long way.

Keep  Your Message Simple

The tradeshow floor can be a little hectic with a lot of competing messages and a lot of information coming at attendees throughout the event. Keep your messaging simple – from signage, to booth setup, to marketing materials. People are attracted to simple. If you have a simple succinct message and highlight the main information and takeaway, people will remember that message. In fact, the more simple the message, the more authentic it comes across, creating a post-event memory of your brand.

Prep Your Sales Team

Your sales team has their pitch down and many years of experience in their back pocket on how to drive home the sale, but make sure to prep them beforehand on how this event is unique. What makes these attendees different from a previous event? What’s important to them? Do they prefer a more educational or entertaining approach?

Generate Buzz on Social Media

Social media is always changing, so that means you can change along with it and do something new every convention season. Try out a new hashtag, add Instagram to your arsenal of tools, create a new social media contest or add, share photos throughout the event,  take a video and share on social networks…there a million ways to get active on social media throughout the event. Use this season to try out a new one and see if it makes a difference.

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