In today’s digital world, social media networks are rapidly moving and changing. Once you’ve gotten the hang of Instagram, then comes Snapchat to steal the thunder and now you have a big learning curve there. Not to mention all of the algorithms and channels that are constantly changing and moving. Through our design and marketing services, we’ve helped clients throughout the years support their social media marketing strategy and have found a few things that have remained consistent. We’ve found that if we apply these rules to social media marketing strategy, we’re bound to come out on top.

Ensure a Cohesive Brand

You want to make sure people recognize your brand and what you stand for in a cohesive way – that means whether they visit your Facebook page, check out your Twitter profile, visit your website, or receive an email from your company, the messaging is consistent. Nothing is worse then when the social media networks don’t mesh with the core company brand. People use social media to get a sense of who you are – whether they are a prospect checking you out or a loyal customer who has been with you for 10 years. If they feel that your social media channel is fragmented from the rest of your brand, they’ll feel that you are not genuine and be confused about who you are and what you stand for. Make sure your social media networks fully represent your brand and fit with the rest of the marketing aspects.

Utilize a Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

There are many ways to utilize social media networks. However, we’ve found one particular trick that really goes the distance. When you use social media as one of the touch points in your multi-channel campaign, the results are incredible. For example, you can upload your email marketing list to Facebook to target them specifically through the network. When you pair that with an email and possibly a direct mailing piece, we’ve seen some great things happen. However you choose to utilize social media networks, the best thing to do is coordinate with the rest of your marketing strategy to fully engage a multi-channel marketing approach.

Custom Copy is King

Sure, we’ve all heard that copy is king and that you need to write copy that speaks to your audience and makes them take action. However, in this case, we’ve seen the same copy used on multiple social media networks. Hashtags may technically work the same on several different channels, but the way you use them on Twitter vs. Instagram is very different. And when you do the same thing on each and every social media network, it just looks like your brand is confused about their audience and who they are talking to – no matter how good the actual content is. So, whatever you do, make sure you are creating custom copy for each social media network that you utilize for your brand.

Create Compelling Visuals

Social media networks are all about visuals. Whether that’s images on Pinterest, videos on Facebook or your Snapchat story, these visuals tell the story of your brand and message and truly represent who you are as a company. Keep them sharp, focused and straight to the point. You want the video or image to grab the person and create a feeling. Regardless of the next fad of social media networks that pops up into the interwebs, you can bet that visuals including images and videos will be part of that.

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