Consumers want to work with companies that they trust and respect. Trust builds brand loyalty and increases engagement and the likelihood for consumers to take action. At The Ambit Works, we love helping clients develop the messaging and campaigns to make that happen. In today’s digital landscape, consumers are more doubtful of marketing messages put in front of them and want to feel confident in the brands that they work with. So, what’s the best way to build trust and brand loyalty with consumers and get them to take the action you want to accomplish your marketing goals?

While often thought of as an old-school marketing technique, direct mail can reap huge rewards for your company and continues to increase in effectiveness. In fact, the Data & Marketing Association recently found that direct mail customer response rates increased year-over-year by an impressive 43%, AND prospect response rates more than doubled – reporting an astounding 190% increase! Why so impressive? Because, consumers TRUST direct mail, leading to better results. MarketingSherpa recently found  76% of the consumers trust direct mail when it comes to purchasing decisions, over many other digital channels.

So, today on the blog, we’re looking into the reasons WHY consumers trust and react to direct mail over other mediums:


The main difference between direct mail and other marketing channels – it is a tangible thing you can touch and feel, adding to the overall experience of the marketing message. SAPPI found that including touch as part of the marketing experience helps to shift the brain into a deeper level of engagement. That goes even further if you provide a physical voucher or coupon: 66% of Millennials are more likely to remember to use a voucher if they have a physical copy to carry around.


Neuromarketing helps us understand how our cognitive resources allow for the consumption of information. Through this research, evidence suggests that consumers are more likely to trust direct mail due to the how a physical form of advertising connects with the brain – different than other channels. For example, content is easier for human brains to navigate on paper, allowing for better retention and connection with feelings. Overall, physical direct mail pieces touch your consumers on a level that digital marketing is just not able to.


Consumers tend to be untrustworthy of the in-your-face messages, due to SPAM build-up and burnout over the years. They want to feel as though they have control over the messages they view and read. Direct mail tends to feel less intrusive than other channels, because consumers have the choice to sort through the mail on their own time in the setting of their choice, rather than email, which seems like a chore to keep up with. In fact, a recent USPS study found that people read postcards in greater numbers with a 3.9% year-over-year increase.


Consumers want to feel as though the information they receive is personal and relevant to them, which helps to build long-term trust. The brand knows and understands them as a person, therefore, they give that goodwill feeling back to the brand. Direct mail is extremely easy to customize – both through exact targeting to your core demographic, along with personal URLs (PURLs), which allow for a very clear call to action and helps with the ability to track results. By putting personalized offers in front of an audience that makes sense for them, you are helping to build trust in your brand.

Want to talk through your next direct mail campaign? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the best way to build trust and increase your results.

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