Attire in the workplace has changed over the years. Gone are the formal days of ties, jackets and long dresses (for the most part!). Now that millennials are increasingly making up the majority of today’s workforce, they are responsible for driving the trends. Their smart-casual styles are influencing how the everyone dresses both in the workplace and outside of the office! And, these trends help us dictate how to make the most of your branded apparel! Here are a few trends to note:

In the Office: The new styles opt for a relaxed look, like these simple twill work shirts for men and women that resist stains, release soil and are wrinkle free. The sport-luxe fabrics make them comfortable and fashionable and the perfect option for the office that they can wear long after they’ve left their desk. In other words – the more simple and easy, the better!

On The Go: Millennials want a bag that goes from work to night and logistically works for both. They can use it at work OR on the weekends as well as at the gym or bring it to the bar after work! Sleek designs, like the ones we’ve pictured here, with lots of pockets, zippers and compartments that they can grab and go are the way to go for 2017.


Weekend: The trends that we’re seeing in the office have transformed for the weekends as well. We’ll be seeing a lot of soft, cozy fabrics that transition from weekday to the weekends with lots of bold pops of texture and unique patterns to provide a little punch!

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