It may be just starting to feel like fall, but September is the ideal time to get started on your corporate holiday cards. You don’t want to realize mid-December that it might be time to get your act together. To get your brains moving, we’ve pulled together some of the hottest trends this season so you can take your time figuring out the best way to showcase your brand and have your clients remember you. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Foil Printing

If you’re looking to make your holiday card stand out in an upscale way, foil printing is a great option. Surprisingly budget-friendly, foil printing looks very high end in a way to elevate your brand so that your clients and prospects remember you as the season approaches.

Company Photo

Let your prospects and clients really understand your company culture by sending out a photo card of your whole crew. Take a few minutes now to grab a picture of the team – or get creative with themes (who doesn’t want to see the CEO decked out as a Frosty the Snowman?) and we can help make it into a memorable holiday card for your brand.


Swag Cards

Blow out your card into something bigger – like swag inside of the card itself! We can help turn your card into a custom gift like chocolates, nuts, cookies or something unique with a personalized message to your recipient. They will feel very appreciative of your thoughtfulness. Check out a similar project we mailed out recently here.

Eco-Friendly Gifts in One

Send more than a card! We are loving the idea of attaching a seed packet in a paper card that they can grow at home. Better yet send a card that is made entirely out of seed paper. When planted, they will grow into wildflowers.Your clients will appreciate you thinking of them as well as the environment. It’s a great gift/card combo. 


Standard Envelope Sized Cards

#10 envelopes are the standard corporate sized cards that most people get every day, but during December everyone is getting the larger 5×7 cards. It’s super easy to toss them aside and look at the pile stack up. Simply by switching up the shape of your holiday card and using a colored #10 envelope, this one little tweak can make all of the difference.

Combination Calendar Card

Combine your card into a 2018 calendar that they can use all year round. This is an economical way to hit two birds with one stone. We can help figure out the perfect way to make it both usable and optimize branding so that your company stays front and center all year long.

Multi-Media Cards

Who says you need to send a paper card in the mail? We love doing video cards, like this one, or email cards for clients. Without worrying about blowing your budget on postage, you can take the time to really make your piece represent your brand and really make your message shine.


Coupon Cards

Want to add on something special to your holiday card as a token of appreciation for clients during the holiday season? Adding in a tear-off coupon to your card is a perfect way for companies that want to drive traffic to a retail location or simply give them a physical gift card or coupon to use during the holiday season.

Sort through our library of fully-customizable branded cards here and get 20% off your order through 10/31/17 with code EARLY20. Or contact us today to talk more about creating the perfect corporate holiday card for your brand!


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